Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

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Winters Farm
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West Sussex
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The principal of cavity wall construction is simple and effective. Separate outer and inner layers of brickwork are held rigidly together with steel bars or straps called metal wall ties. Cavity walls have been used for more than eighty years, providing a rigid and well ventilated framework with a dry inner surface.

Problems arise, however, when the metal wall ties corrode. Corroded wall ties can expand up to four times their original thickness, causing the mortar joints within the wall to crack and be forced apart which in turn leads to horizontal and stepped cracking in the brickwork. Cavity wall tie failure can also cause the brickwork to bulge and excessive cracking can weaken the walls and they become unstable.

Archers offers a wall tie replacement service and installs new remedial stainless steel cavity wall ties in properties at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding. As this is carried out from the outside of the building, and takes only a few days to complete, there is a minimum of disturbance.

Our fully qualified surveyor (Paul Halliwell) holds the National Qualification for remedial surveying (C.S.R.T.) who undertakes inspections of properties (using an endoscope) to determine the condition of wall ties and the extent of any corrosion. We use top quality Helifix fixings.

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Bottom image. Restraint fixings installed at Aylesford Priory. The priory was founded by the Carmelites in the 13th Century and fell into disuse after the Reformation and was restored and reoccupied by the brothers in 1949. Archers were employed as a specialist contractor to stabilize and consolidate the external perimeter walls.