Concrete Repairs

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Archers Specialist Treatments
Winters Farm
North Green Common Road
Wivelsfield Green
Near Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH17 7RJ


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Concrete deteriorates with time due to either errors during construction (such as incorrect mix ratios, poor workmanship) and environmental factors such as rain, snow and freezing temperatures.

Other environmental factors include carbonation and chloride salts attack. Carbonation occurs when atmospheric carbon dioxide mixes with water to create carbonic acid which in turn reduces the alkalinity within the concrete and eventually causes corrosion of the steel and the eventual breakdown of the concrete structure. Chloride (Salts) dissolved in the atmosphere, which when combined with moisture, can penetrate concrete and just like carbonation, attack the steel reinforcement within the concrete causing corrosion and eventual cracking and spalling.

Archers with their vast experience are able to carry out full and effective concrete repairs to cracks and provides quality protective coatings to ensure that the life of the concrete structure is extended and all with the minimum disruption to the client.

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Middle image. Hammond Court, Portsmouth where Archers carried out repairs to the Floor Ring Beam

Bottom image. Bucklersbury House, London. During a 5 year planned maintenance programme, to minimise disruption, Archers (working out of cradles) carried out the survey, repairs and applied protective coatings to the window sills and heads.