Woodworm Timber Treatment

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Archers Specialist Treatments
Winters Farm
North Green Common Road
Wivelsfield Green
Near Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH17 7RJ

Email: info@archertreatments.com

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What is Woodworm? Woodworm is the collective name for a number of species of wood boring beetles (such as the death watch beetle) and weevils that attack wood to leave tiny holes or tunnels in timber. They lay their eggs on the surface or in cracks in timbers and it is their larvae which feed on the wood. They sometimes tunnel for years before they emerge through the characteristic flight holes to start the cycle again. Structural damage to floors, roofs, staircases and timber frame walls can be severe if left untreated.

How do you treat woodworm? Archers uses the latest insecticidal formulations to eliminate woodworm insects by systematically spraying all of the timbers. It also provides a protective coating to stop a reoccurrence of the issue which is applied during the course of the woodworm treatment.

Archers has both the equipment and skills to completely rid your wood of any harmful insects. A survey undertaken by our experienced surveyor (qualified to the nationally recognised CSRT i.e. Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatment), will identify the species of wood boring insect and the extent of the infestation and will determine whether any timbers require treatment or replacement. Archers provide a written guarantee on all works which is in turn underwritten by the Guarantee Protection Insurance Company.

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Middle image: Shipley Windill in West Sussex. This is the home of the mythical television detective 'Jonathan Creek'. Shipley Windmill was chemically treated by Archers for wood boring beetle and fungal decay.

Bottom image. Full timber treatment, damp proofing and brick surface silicone water proof treatment was provided by Archers on a complete housing estate in West Sussex.